Our Story

PoshLife Hair Boutique was established in 2013 by two sisters named, Lavinia & Stephanie. They were born in the United Kingdom by the age of 5 years old, Lavinia and her mother moved to the United States while Stephanie age 10 remained in the United Kingdom with her mother. Over the years, the sisters lost contact with each other and as they got older they began to search for one another which took 19yrs for them to re-connect.

Easter 2010, the sisters were finally reunited through a family member on social media, Stephanie was now a registered nurse and Lavinia a senior retail store manager. By 2012 although they were in different countries the sisters had rebuilt a strong sisterly bond.

Late 2012 the sisters started their first venture together called Touché Boutique, which was a ladies online clothing store and over the next few months they worked on building their brand.

Following this, Lavinia heard a radio advertisement about a new type of hair called virgin hair, so she decided to experience it. To her surprise the hair was not affordable, as she purchased 3 bundles of hair for $375 and was praying the quality was as good as the sales person described.

Lavinia fell in love with the hair she ranted and raved to her older sister about these bundles. Unfortunately, after 3 weeks the hair began to shed and tangle like crazy. Lavinia was furious as she blew so much money on hair extensions that were rubbish.

After this situation, the sisters began to talk about their experiences in both countries with low quality hair and the expensive prices they have paid. They began to do some research on the hair industry within the UK and the US, realizing there is a huge demand for affordable top quality virgin hair. The Sisters decided to go on a hunt for the best quality hair on the market. Believing all women should be able to afford Luxury hair.

To their finding, top quality hair was not as easy to come by as they thought. Testing many hair types and grades they searched high and low for affordable quality hair. Through this experience, there was a financial loss every time but they continued to search.

By 2013 the sisters finally found luxury quality hair extensions that they could offer their shoppers at a fraction of the cost.

By 2015 the sisters renamed their brand to PoshLife Hair Boutique and opened their first location in the United States. PoshLife Hair Boutique was Albany Georgia’s, first luxury hair boutique. The sisters have been providing affordable, luxury hair extensions to their valued customers ever since.

In Feb 2017 PoshLife Hair Boutique turned global. The sisters moved in to their second location in Birmingham England, where they are now providing luxury quality hair to all their beautiful customers all over the world. PoshLife Hair Extensions are made of 100% raw virgin hair which will last up to a year or more with proper care. Our hair is bouncy, full from root to ends and very healthy, which means you can finally have that beautiful hair you’ve always dreamed of.

We absolutely love our PoshLife Hair extensions and we are sure you will to.