Lets Install This Pink Wig

have you ever installed your own lace front wig? It took me a while to get the hang of it but I'm definatly getting better at it. If your interested in seeing how I install my lace frontal wigs keep reading!

STEP 1: When installing my wigs, I always start by removing the lace. I like to cut a slit in the middle and remove one side at a time. I find this method to be super easy.

STEP 2: Once the lace has been removed, I like to secure my wigs down with Got2B Glued Freeze Spray. This wig is a glueless wig, so this step is not necessary but if you want that extra security this freeze spray is amazing. I simply spray above my hair line and apply the lace.

 STEP 3: Next, I use a rat tail comb to help lay the lace on to the freeze spray. I set my blow dryer on cool and dry the freeze spray. This only takes a few minutes for the spray to begin to hold.

STEP 4: My last step is applying my silk scarf to my hair line. This will help the lace lay flat on your hair line. I only leave it on for about 10 minuets. Once I remove the scarf, I will style my hair and I'm all done.
Watch My Tutorial
Want to see the finished look??? Watch as I install this beautiful cotton candy Lace front wig using PoshLife Hair Platinum Blonde Collection. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW 

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