How To Revive Your Old Extensions

Let's bring that old hair back to life!

Hey Beauties, have you ever been in a bind where you need to get your hair done; but you don’t have enough money to pay for a new install and new hair? We’ve all been there don’t stress!! All you need is some old virgin hair. Some hair that you’ve worn a few months ago and stored away.

YES GIRL!!!  it is possible to bring that old hair back to life. First, you will need to wash and deep condition your hair.  Everyone has their favorite shampoo and deep condition me personally I love to use Design Essentials shampoo and conditioner. I also use Avanti Silicone Mix which brings the hair back to life.

 Deep Condition

Here is how I condition my used PoshLife Hair. First, cover your wet hair in deep condition then place in a plastic bag overnight. If you don’t have time to wait you can place the hair and plastic bag in the microwave for a 1-2 minute. Once completed wrapping the hot bag in a towel for 30 min. After you deep condition rinses thoroughly and towel dry.  Now time to use the Avanti Silicone Mix.


First, be sure to protect your hands by wearing gloves. Then begin to apply the silicone mix to your hair from root to ends. Leave on the hair for 2-3 minutes depending on the condition of the hair. Rinse thoroughly. Allow your hair to air dry.

Finishing Touches

Allow your hair to air dry. Once the hair is completely dry it is ready to be installed. If the hair needs a little shine use a light serum oil, like Design Essentials Reflections liquid shine or Moroccan Oil. I used this system on my Peruvian curly and Brazilian straight hair. If you are reviving straight hair you can also apply some heat to the hair. Taking small sections of hair using a flat iron and straighten or style. Once you are finished your hair will look and feel fabulous.

It’s just that simple with a little TLC you can “Bring Back That Old Virgin Hair!” If you have any questions or you want to share your tips please leave us a comment.

Thanks for reading!



Blog post Author: CEO/ Founder Lavinia Lisette'

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