How To Choose The Best Quality Human Hair Wig For You

Wigs are admired for their interchangeable styles, colours, and textures; the wig you choose is the crown you wear on your head - it is important that you find the right one for you. Although finding the perfect wig can seem daunting, the time you devote to finding it will unleash confidence within you that perhaps was inconceivable before. PoshLife hair is here to assist you in choosing the best high-quality human hair wig for you. Below are our tips: 


An array of factors will contribute to deciding the length of wig you would like - practically, suitability and maintenance being among some of the highest. Although long, luxurious locks look incredible, they are not always practical. As with regular hair the more of it there is, the more time will be spent treating and attending to it - this is a crucial element to consider when choosing your wig. Additionally, shorter styles have the ability to really accentuate a client’s best features; upon choosing your wig it is best to have fun and explore what would suit you and most importantly, be most manageable!


Straight, waved, crimped, or curly? The texture you choose for your wig will contribute to your style and ultimately compliment you! Should you intend to always have luscious curls, it would be sensible to choose a wig of that texture and shape. Fortunately, all of the best high-quality human hair wigs are interchangeable with styling tools; due to being made of natural hair and not a synthetic material that may melt at the first sign of heat. 

Wig Cap Construction

Cap construction is the way in which the hair is attached to the cap - there is a diverse range of methods, all of which come with different advantages. Styles include 100% Hand Tied, Lace Fronts, Monofilament Top Wigs or Open caps. Determining which cap construction is best for you will come upon consideration of how you like to wear your hair; such as away from your face or in a multitude of alternate ways. Lace front wigs are among the most popular as they allow you to part your hair in whichever way you would like. It is important that you choose the correct cap construction in order for you to be both confident and comfortable in your new wig - it is at this point that professional assistance may be favoured. 

Regardless of whether the world of wigs is new to you, or if you are determined to find the most idyllic and complimentary wig for both your face and style, our buyer’s guide is a great place to begin. Your wig is your identity; there is much more to consider than just colour. Implementing the above factors into the journey of finding your perfect wig should make for a much easier and overall more enjoyable experience. Should you require further assistance or detailing in the features of human hair wigs, the team at PoshLife Hair would be happy to help. 

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