How to Care for your Wig

For a lot of people, wigs can be a big investment and they want to keep them for a long time and have them continue to look brand new. As experts in everything ‘wig’, we have created the best guide on how to keep your wig in perfection condition and looking as good as new. These are some top tips on wig maintenance to make looking good even easier.


  1. It is important to first identify the difference between human hair wigs, and synthetic wigs. This should be easy as you will be aware of the hair type when you purchased the wig. Human hair wigs are stronger and have a higher heat resistance so leads to less tangling and won’t melt under high heat. 
  1. Selecting shampoo and conditioner – Regular shampoos that you find in cosmetic stores contain many chemicals that can be harmful to the texture of the wig, especially if the wig is synthetic. We suggest purchasing a specialist wig shampoo and conditioner to ensure that the product doesn’t contain anything that will damage the wig. This is worth the investment to ensure that your wig doesn’t deteriorate.
  1. How to wash your wig – Firstly, soak the wig in warm water and shampoo. Once it has soaked, comb through the product but do not rub the product into the hair. After this, comb conditioner through the wig and then rinse. Once all the product has been rinsed out, comb the wig until it is un-tangled and then leave to dry naturally. To keep the shape of the wig and avoid tangles, we would suggest drying it on a mannequin head.
  1. Re-styling your wig – We would always recommend visiting a professional to dramatically re-style your wig. This way the condition of the wig will not be damaged and you will have a result that is desirable. Always leave cutting and colouring to the professionals – if it goes wrong at home, then it can’t be fixed.
  1. Store your wig correctly – We suggest investing in a mannequin head to store your wig. This avoids tangles and stores the wig in an up-right position to keep any style in place. 
  1. Avoid sprays and products – Overtime, these will make the wig greasy, tangled, and un-manageable. We would always recommend to stay clear of any additional products for styling if you want the wig to remain high quality.
  1. When to remove your wig – Our wigs are suitable for both showering and sleeping, however we would recommend cover them. This is to avoid knotting and breaking of the hair to keep it in perfect condition.


Now you know how to care for your wig, shop our amazing selection here and give yourself a whole new look!

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