Five Different ways to secure your wig

Universally adored for their diversity in cuts and colours, wigs are embraced by individuals from all over the world - everyone has their own hacks and ways of wearing! 

Amongst the fierce front and feeling that comes with rocking a killer wig, one unignorable feeling lingers… is it secure? PoshLife Hair offer a range of wig wearing accessories to ensure yours remains secured in its place. Here are five ways that can help you secure your wig, each with their pros and cons - find your perfect solution today! 

  • Wig Tape
  • Wig tape is double-sided tape that seals to your wig on one side and to your head on the other; it is adored by performers and prestigious styling professionals as it is one of the most effective methods of fixing a wig.

    If you wear your wig over natural hair, tape is not a fastening accessory that you should consider - it will cause excessive damage, including hair loss. 


    • Tapes can come in rolls, spot tabs and pre-cut strips. 
    • Your wig will have extra security. 
    • A roll of tape lasts a long time, therefore it is a cost effective investment. 


    • Although there are liquid solutions to assist, overall wig tape can be difficult to remove. 
    • As this tape is so secure, it will make your wig difficult to remove throughout the day.
    • Having a wig taped down to your head means you can easily overheat. This is not the most suitable solution for individuals enduring chemotherapy or who have issues with overheating. 

  • Wig Glue
  • Glues are body adhesives, effective in securing wigs to skin - they are also pliable, meaning they move with your skin as opposed to staying still in an area. 

    If you wear your wig over natural hair, glue is not a fastening accessory that you should consider - it will cause excessive damage. 


    • Attaching your wig with glue is easy - removing the wig is done easily with water. 
    • A bottle of glue for your hair wig will last a long time, it is an inexpensive option. 
    • With glue, you will be confident your wig is secure.


    Glue shouldn’t be used by those with sensitive skin. 

    Wigs secured with glue are unable to be easily removed throughout the day, this can result in overheating. Oils can build up beneath the wig, which can be a problem to those with sensitive skin. 


  • Wig Grips
  • Typically made of double-sided velvet, one side of the grip will secure to your hair or skin, and the other to your wig. 


    • Grips can be used by people with and without natural hair - they are gentle therefore will not damage any natural hair. 
    • They are easy to take off throughout the day. 
    • Grips help to alleviate pressure and can help relieve both headaches and pains from wig wearing
    • Straps are adjustable. 


    • Grips stretch, therefore they will need replacing overtime. 
    • Quality grips can cost more than fastening alternatives. 
    • Should your grip break in the middle of the day, you will no longer have a secure wig. 

  • Got 2B Glued
  • Got 2B Glued products are perfect for a quick secure way to install your wig. This product comes in the form of spray and gel. It is also vey cost effective compared to other wig glues.


    • Affordable and available in most beauty related shops.
    • The spray and gel give you a very secure hold. 
    • You can safely remove your wig daily especially with the Freeze spray. The gel gives you a slightly stronger hold. 


    • The gel can be quite messy to apply
    • The freeze spray is literally freezing when you apply it to the skin.
    • If you remove your wig daily you will need to clean the lace more frequently due to build of of products


  • Glam hair pins
  • Slide-in glam hair pins are a quick and easy method of securing your wig. 


    • Pins are very cheap. 
    • Pins will not be trouble to those suffering with sensitive skin. 
    • You will not experience wig overheating when using pins.


    • Can only be used by those with lots of long natural hair. 
    • Pins can poke through and become uncomfortable throughout the day. 
    • Wigs can become loose if not enough pins are used.

    PoshLife Hair offer a range of quality hair bundles and fastening solutions - finding the perfect accessory for you can change your life in regard to wig-wearing. Our team is on hand to offer expertise regarding what is best for added security to your wig. Find out what the best accessory is for your hair piece, contact the team today!

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