6 Ways To Care For Your Lace Wig

Virgin hair lace wigs, hairpieces and lace closures are desired for their interchangeable colours and styles; finding the perfect, high-quality wig can hold the power to a confident and brand new you. Unlike natural hair, lace wigs are more delicate and require additional attention when it comes to being cared for. Below are 6 ways to care for your lace wig: 

1 Washing your wig

High-quality virgin hair wigs should be washed once every 2 weeks if you are wearing the wig everyday. The use of products such as gels, mousses, and hairsprays means a build-up will collect on the strand - the wig will require washing more frequently. It is recommended that you place the wig on a mannequin head whilst washing. First, you should detangle your wig using a wide-tooth comb. To wash, place the wig in a bowl of warm water, then apply the shampoo - using a wide-tooth comb, work the mixture throughout your wig to clean it, and then rinse with cool water. All wigs should be allowed to air dry. 

2 Avoid extreme heat

Much the same as natural hair, extreme heat can have severely damaging effects on virgin hair wigs. The use of heat on our virgin hair wigs should be kept to a minimum in order to prevent detrimental heat damage such as split ends. We advise all customers to use heat protectors before applying any heat.

3 Comb gently 

As lace wigs are made by hand, tying one lace strand to the scalp base at a time, they require careful attention when combing. Despite the security of the hair to the base, it is important to be careful in order to prevent any hair from coming loose. Much like natural hair or extensions, you should begin brushing your hair gently from the ends to the top - being sure not to get too close to the base. 

4 Moisturise your wig 

Fortunately, virgin hair wigs can be restored to their former glory of softness and bouncy volume. If your wig has become dry and stiff to touch, simply apple a moisturizing conditioner. Apply from the scalp base throughout the lengths of the wig, ensuring to apply additional conditioner to the ends. Allow the product to sit for a minimum of 5 minutes before rinsing. 

5 Keep it covered when on a mannequin 

Keeping a wig in its upright position prevents unnecessary damage. In order to maintain the body of your wig, when not being worn it should be kept on a stand which enables it to retain its shape - mannequin heads are the perfect investment. Additionally, when the wig is not in use it should be covered over with something that will prevent any dust or dirt from collecting on it. 

6 Seek a professional for styling

Should you wish to alter your wig, be sure to seek the expertise of a professional stylist. It would be all too easy to attempt a transformation at home however this can lead to irreversible damage. Once any length has been removed, it will not grow back; if you have overexposed your wig to chemicals it will be ruined. 

High-quality virgin hair wigs and hairpieces can look incredible. Ensuring you are taking all necessary precautions to care for them properly means that they can remain to look brand new and can last a long time given the proper care. Should you require further hair care assistance, enquire with us at PoshLife Hair today!

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